The Company Welfare is the new pillar of the remuneration that allows to introduce a system of services to support the employees of the company, with tax advantages for the employee and the employer.
In PCA, we always focus on the regulatory evolution and the realisation of innovative consulting plans for our clients. We have accepted the new challenge of Welfare creating a staff dedicated to the world of Flexible Benefits, realizing in partnership with a leading Italian provider a dedicated portal: PCA My Welfare.


PCA My Welfare is an advanced platform for the management of programs of Company Welfare and Flexible Benefits, whose aim is to strengthen the relationship of trust with the employees of our clients by supporting their income and improving their work-life balance!

With PCA My Welfare the beneficiaries of the program will be able to benefit easily from the company welfare plan, seizing all the tax reduction opportunities offered by the Consolidated Act on Income Tax, updated by the Stability Law 2016 and 2017.

PCA My Welfare is a talent management strategy and solution to enhance the value of the best human resources and to increase their productivity and satisfaction with a focus on the advantages and the accounting treatment of business benefits.




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