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Bonds & Receivables

Cauzioni & Crediti Commerciali, PCA Consultative Broker

The surety lines issued by insurance companies are also cumulative and this allows companies to have useful capacity for the awarding of contracts/orders, and therefore to develop the business.

PCA has been operating for several years in the field of insurance guarantees, guaranteeing an efficient and effective intermediation service through a highly qualified structure and offering, in particular, a 360 ° contractual consultancy service aimed at supporting customers in developing their business.


An important instrument in support of companies as well as the protection of company assets is represented by insurance guarantees (Surety), whether provided for by law for all obligations towards the State and Public Bodies, or in relations between private individuals.

The insurance guarantee offers the undoubted advantage of not affecting the lines of credit of the Company granted by the banking system, thus leaving resources available for the management of the financial flows connected with the productive activity.

Cauzioni & Crediti Commerciali, PCA Consultative Broker

Furthermore, PCA, thanks to the large global network of which it is a part, makes available to the client the management coordinated by Italy of the company’s international surety program at a global level with particular focus on the following activities:

01. Pre-contractual advice and impact of country risk in the surety field

02. Retrieval of surety lines

03. Negotiation of Indemnity Agreement

04. Issue of the guarantees provided by public / private contracts with foreign beneficiaries according to the specific contractual requirements of the country

05. Use of insurance players with ratings equal to or greater than A- (S&P)

06. Search for competitive princing


Our strongly dynamic national and international economic reality requires companies to follow strategies which aim to protect their financial stability: this determines new insurance necessities which requires a specific approach so to pinpoint le best solutions possible.

In particular, the Company’s correct management of credit is a fundamental tool to ensure adequate financial balance and capital solidity, as well as a correct commercial expansion.

Credit insurance is the most effective insurance response to meet these needs, representing one of the most valuable tools to protect corporate assets and ensure a conscious approach with its customers.

PCA identifies the best solutions for its customer’s needs by offering the most innovative credit products on the insurance market.

In addition to the usual credit coverage, there are numerous credit products which vary depending on: product market and homogeneous product groups defined or studied to develop the foreign market. Nowadays, the only rule for insuring receivables is: IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS!


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We provide advice on risk management in all business sectors with our dedicated Teams.

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Surety Manager

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