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Since 1988 in the insurance and reinsurance sectors

Solide radici, PCA Consultative Broker

Solid roots

PCA is an international independent brokerage company belonging to the Gavio Group, which has been operative since 1988 in the field of Insurance and Reinsurance Consultancy.

A continuous sustained growth

In 35 years of activity, PCA has gradually grown, becoming one of the most important independent brokers with Italian capital.

Una crescita continua e sostenuta, PCA Consultative Broker
Leadership di mercato, PCA Consultative Broker

Market Leadership

With 70 employees, 5 offices in Italy and about EUR 120 million of premiums collected, PCA is among the top eleven companies in the latest ASEFI Brokers ranking.

Specific professionalism

PCA focuses exclusively to the Corporate and Large Corporate sectors, with clients in many business areas.
Thanks to this focus, PCA has developed unique professional skills, ranging from Enterprise Risk Management Consulting to the Implementation of Multinational Insurance Programs; from Complex Claims Management to the reinsurance placement of large risks linked to turnkey projects.

Professionalità uniche, PCA Consultative Broker
Vocazione internazionale, PCA Consultative Broker

International Vocation

PCA operates at an international level through the support of two independent networks: Brokerslink e Surety Alliance™.

A unique proposition

PCA joins in one single brokerage company the best features of flexibility, professionalism, assistance and client service, access to the domestic and international market, client loyalty.

PCA società brokeraggio assicurativo
Soluzione vincente, PCA Consultative Broker

A winning solution

The main feature that makes PCA a unique Company among the insurance brokers is the winning combination of size, prestige and authoritativeness, combined with the capacity to provide targeted solutions to complex problems.


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PCA operates internationally through the support of two independent networks offering timely and authoritative service in all parts of the world.
We are also affiliated with Net4Risk, the first Italian Risk Management network. We offer 360° consultancy services for corporate risk management.

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