Quick and effective management of claims


A harmful event that affects a Company can have negative consequences on the business of the same, therefore a correct management of the event from an insurance point of view facilitates a quick resumption of the business.
In order to make fully operational the guarantee given by the Insurers and receive quickly the damages sought, it is essential for the insured to comply with the contractual provisions in the correct way and in the shortest possible time.
Precisely in virtue of what has been stated above, PCA has implemented a centralized structure dedicated to claims management, which on the basis of a profound knowledge of the insurance sector and of the individual activities of its clients, aims to provide the highest technical and legal assistance so that the companies can obtain a swift and fair compensation.

Specifically, the Claims Management unit of PCA has prepared an operating protocol in order to provide assistance to its clients about all possible operating facets necessary for obtaining the maximum performance of each individual insurance contract in case of harmful event, and in particular:


  • Once the damage has been reported, the event is analysed in depth and is configured within the insurance cover of the client
  • The client is supported with an adequate insurance terminology for the correct preparation of the claim for payment of damages that will be submitted to the Insurers
  • We interact with the insurers so that they appoint in a short time an assessor and/or a lawyer necessary for the management of the case
  • In cases of claims relevant in terms of gravity and/or amount, the client is advised for example in relation to the appointment of a party-appointed assessor that joins the trustee of the insurer, on the occasion of technical checks
  • We interact with the client so as to find the documents that are useful for the proper processing of the case
  • The client is informed about each processing phase of the claim.
    We interface with the Insurers and their trustee so that our client can obtain a rapid and fair compensation.


Experience, competence and efficiency are the resources that the claims management unit of PCA constantly puts at the disposal of its clients, both for activities related to a specific harmful event and for activities of “loss prevention” necessary for a systematic control of the insurance costs of risks.

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