Employee Benefits

The Human Resources professionals of the companies on a daily basis must face various and complex issues in the management of the various benefits, which are complementary with respect to the salary paid to employees.

Therefore there is an ever greater need on the part of the companies to study and adopt new solutions. The PCA Team can concretely support the companies, offering a series of “support programs” that:


  • protect economically the workers in the event of illness or accident;
  • integrate the compulsory social security payments often in compliance with the provisions of the National Collective Work Contracts – such as for example that of Industrial Managers – or of company agreements and regulations in the case of second level agreements.


These welfare programs are designed with different benefits according to the contractual status of the workers, and always have a clear aim: to incentivize and ensure the loyalty of the employees, the real capital of the company.
Over the years, PCA has signed appropriate conventions which, thanks to significant economies of scale, offer various and advanced forms of protection with competitive costs. The traditional “support programs” cover:


  • injuries;
  • permanent disability caused by disease;
  • temporary coverage for the event of death and total disability;
  • reimbursement of medical expenses


In order to support the insured even in those areas where the public welfare is reducing its coverage, we have created specific proposals for:


  • Long Term Care (LTC)
  • Dread disease
  • Welfare





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