Supervisory Board

The Legislative Decree 231/01 has introduced for the first time in our law the liability of legal entities, companies and associations, also without legal status (the so-called Entities) for offences committed in their interest by employees, subjects in apical position, or third parties acting on their behalf.


For the prevention of such offences, the Company Pca Spa is equipped with an autonomous specific management model provided for by the decree and approved by its Board of Directors.


The supervisory board that monitors the operation of and compliance with the model in PCA Spa is composed by: Dr. Pier-Giacomo Raimondi (President) and Ilaria Zanaboni.


The members of the supervisory board feature professionalism, integrity, independence, functional autonomy and competence required for carrying out the tasks entrusted to them.


Each notification of possible violations, censurable behaviours and facts, or any action which does not comply with the provisions of the Code of Ethics and of the Model of Organization, Management and Control, as well as any other information provided for in art. 5.10 of the model itself, can be submitted to the email:

Colondri Stefano, Pca Broker assicurazioni e risk management Gruppo Gavio


 +39 0131 872511

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