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The risk, to be defined an “opportunity”, must be, first of all, recognized, understood, and managed.

We live in a more risky era, by definition. In the past, risks were experienced as the consequence of a choice, today the risk is the choice itself.


The challenge of PCA is to share with its clients all the risks associated with their activities, identifying all the characteristics of a new investment, the implications on its growth, on its reputation, on the compatibility of the same to the macro-trends, on its sustainability (not only financial), on the threats linked to the standards which must be implemented (in cases of new countries or new lines of product/service).

PCA is a “risk expert” that accompanies the choice of its client, mapping past, present and future risks, adding their transfer as one of the (many) services at the disposal of the client and providing a “multitasking offer”, to offer, in addition to the analysis, a bouquet of cross products, always linked to the concept of risk but wider than the traditional offer.


We are the ideal partner for the management and dissemination of the “risk culture”, we are innovative in transmitting this philosophy as an integral part of our offer, in a coordinated and integrated way.

Roberto Armana

President and CEO

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