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International Activities

Attività Internazionali, PCA Consultative Broker

Global market,
international organization

Global market, international

Nowadays the advance of global markets involves the continuous expansion of trade relations beyond the national borders and toward an ever greater trend of globalisation. PCA owns the skills and professionalism necessary to assist its clients whose international needs are a key factor for their business.

PCA is committed to build important partnerships globally, with the aim to keep providing a high quality service to ensure the best solutions to the international requirements of its clients, anywhere in the world.
In response to this, PCA has become an affiliated of Brokerslink.


Global service, regional culture and local experience


The right people…at the right time…in the right place.

Brokerslink, one of the most extensive global networks of independent insurance brokers, provides insurance and risk management services in over 100 countries, managing assets for over 14 billion dollars in premiums resulting from the work of 10,000 professionals in 300 offices worldwide. The members of this network include operators of specialist services that offer their specific experience to support clients at a global level, also in the reinsurance field.

The excellence of the service is guaranteed by the use of an international IT platform with the use of innovative resources and systems, and by the presence of dedicated offices in each country to allow the delivery of best-in-class services common to all international clients.
PCA is proud to be affiliated with Brokerslink, a prestigious network which combines three essential elements: global service, regional culture and local experience.

Surety Alliance

An exclusive centre of excellence… at your service for your needs related to bonds.
Surety Alliance is a select group of professional brokers operating in the garanties and surety business related to contractual commitments that by legal obligation, located in the main business centres in the United States, Canada, South America and Europe. Being part of such an exclusive alliance ensures to our company a strong potential in the strategic sector of the bonds line.

Entrusting these risks to our professionals, clients will not have to worry about the management of this sensitive sector.
It does not matter if it is a bridge project in California, a wind project in Quebec, a caution deposit in China, or a hydroelectric power station in South America.
The network will ensure the necessary professionalism and efficiency, with the needs of the client at the core of the work of each member of the network, trying every day to predict its future needs. The sharing of experience and know-how aimed at providing the best possible service to the client is the main drive that has inspired us to be part of this team.


For Information

We provide advice on risk management in all business sectors with our dedicated Teams.

Giovanni Roncaglia

Global Business & Reinsurance Manager

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PCA operates internationally through the support of two independent networks offering timely and authoritative service in all parts of the world.
We are also affiliated with Net4Risk, the first Italian Risk Management network. We offer 360° consultancy services for corporate risk management.

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