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PCA Consultative Broker

Public Body Tenders

Gare Enti Pubblici, PCA Consultative Broker

Public or private sector, same professionalism

Public or private sector, same professionalism

We carry out consultancy and insurance brokerage activities, proposing ourselves as a reference for businesses that need programs of protection of assets, businesses, persons.
Our client portfolio consists of important players in the industrial sector of services and in the public sector.

We offer our clients customized solutions according to the their needs, using risk analysis techniques and we provide a comprehensive protection through separate programs of prevention and protection by applying risk transfer and financing techniques.

Service is delivered using advanced IT systems that enable online, real time update of insurance positions.

In respect of the Public Body Client, PCA has created a specific department that, where it is necessary to call for tenders for the underwriting of insurance contracts, provides its service according to verification and support models.

Preparation of tender documents, support in the management of the tender, and in particular:

01. Verification and evaluation of the possession of the participation requirements on the part of the Company

02. Examination of the tender documentation submitted by the pre-qualified Companies

03. Analysis and evaluation of the tenders received

04. Possible negotiation with Insurers in order to identify the best solution for placement

05. Drafting of a final report

06. Assistance in the operations of placement/completion of contracts (post tender)

07. Verification of the policy documents and of their compliance with the regulatory and economic conditions agreed in the tender


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We provide advice on risk management in all business sectors with our dedicated Teams.

Giovanni Roncaglia

Global Business & Reinsurance Manager

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PCA operates internationally through the support of two independent networks offering timely and authoritative service in all parts of the world.
We are also affiliated with Net4Risk, the first Italian Risk Management network. We offer 360° consultancy services for corporate risk management.

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