Solvency in exceptional risks


PCA reinsurance activities offer solutions designed to protect the solvency of insurance companies and at the same time to provide for the retrieval of additional capacity to cope with exceptional or particularly complex risks.


The services offered both of Treaty Reinsurance and Optional Reinsurance are tailored to the needs of the Assignor and adhere to the following types:


  • Traditional Reinsurance – proportional and non proportional
  • Forms of alternative non-proportional reinsurance (ART – FINITE)


The dedicated expert team is constantly aware of changes in mandatory regulations and reinsurance market trends and guarantees:


  • Technical and reinsurance market knowledge
  • Constant updating of reliability parameters both of Assignors and of Reinsurers
  • Knowledge of the local and international legislative context and of its trends
  • Confidentiality and security in information handling
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