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Property – Liability

Property – Liability, PCA Consultative Broker

The PCA Team offers professional and pesonalized analysis, consulting and risk management in the Property, Liability and Casualty sectors.

The Team’s experts constantly search the national and inter-national insurance market for the most advanced and innovative solutions for their Clients.

This great expertise combined with the working method, allows us to adequately support the Client during all the negotiation phases, identifying and proposing the most appropriate insurance co-openings, and also allows us to minimize risk costs regardless of the size of the company.

Property – Liability, PCA Consultative Broker

Convention in network

Convention in network is the insurance coverage designed by PCA in partnership with premier companies in the industry, aimed at those involved in:

01. Transportation, handling and distribution of petroleum products, methane, gas and bio-methanol

02. Gas stations also including ancillary services (car wash, workshops, etc.)

03. Oil depots and/or storage tanks

We offer packages that cover all your insurance needs:

01. All-risk

02. Theft and robbery

03. Activity liability

04. Pollution 360°

Each product can be purchased jointly or severally.

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We provide advice on risk management in all business sectors with our dedicated Teams.

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PCA operates internationally through the support of two independent networks offering timely and authoritative service in all parts of the world.

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