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IT Solutions

PCA IT Solutions, PCA Consultative Broker

PCA IT Solutions

PCA IT Solutions

PCA IT Solutions is our department specialized in the realization and development of the most advanced and efficient technological platforms.

Thanks to this important investment, PCA is able to satisfy the different needs of the clients by providing useful IT tools, services and solutions to support the process of risk assessment in claims management.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance is an innovative IT tool developed by our company to offer each client the possibility to access to and interact in real time with information in the PCA database, operating from any computer through a simple Internet connection.

Home Insurance, whose operation is similar to the “Home Banking” model, enables external access to an electronic database of the company 24/7.

Our clients can access the Home Insurance IT system using a user name (USERID) and a password logging in on the web site.


The PCA Claims Management unit uses an operating protocol developed in order to obtain:

01. The best performance of the service for reimbursement of medical expenses

02. The control of the entire client/broker/insurance company interaction process

In particular, thanks to the presence of dedicated professionals and of specific technological tools, we offer the individual client access (with the use of specific credentials) to the web portal “Ubiquity” enabling them to:

01. Review the status of the claims

02. Record and update their requests avoiding shipping costs related to documents

03.Know the documentation necessary to obtain a secure and timely refund

04. Review the terms and the conditions of a contract

05. Consult news, information and details useful in relation to the fruition of the service (for example a list of clinics/hospitals)

06. Receive the support of specialized professionals for the verification of the claims and the elements necessary for the refund procedure

07. Maintain relations with our offices during working days

08. Receive updates via email/sms regarding the status of payments and refunds

Head Office

For Information

We provide advice on risk management in all business sectors with our dedicated Teams.

Isacco Gavazzi

Head of Information Technology Department

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PCA operates internationally through the support of two independent networks offering timely and authoritative service in all parts of the world.

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