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Another international achievement for Gavio Global Risk Solutions

Another international achievement for Gavio Global Risk Solutions - PCA Consultative Broker
Another international achievement for Gavio Global Risk Solutions - PCA Consultative Broker

Giovanni Roncaglia, our Global Business Manager, has been selected to attend to the first edition of the Advanced FERMA Rimap Workshop, together with twenty International Senior Risk Managers Rimap Certified.

FERMA is the Federation of European Risk Management Associations, it brings together 22 risk management associations in 21 European countries, nearly 5000 professional risk managers active in a wide range of business sectors. ANRA, the Italian Association of Risk Managers is member of FERMA.

The goal of the FERMA RIMAP Advance Workshop was to improve the knowledge of Strategic Risk Management, with a special focus on the response to a cyber-attack.

The risk of cyber-attacks is clearly a major exposure for organisation today.

Risk managers need to know how to manage these risks and deal with situations while supporting senior management in decision making.

This workshop sharpened strategic risk management skills and knowledge and boosted risk and insurance communication expertise with the top management.

After the description of a case Study (Cyber Attack to a Multinational Company), the task was to present to the Board of Directors  the improvements in the ERM program that should be implemented to avoid and/or limit any future cyber-attack.

The main answers of the workshop were:

  • What weaknesses have been detected that allowed the event to occur
  • What could have been done better in terms of continuity of operation to limit the impact
  • How could the different functions in the organisation reinforce resilience and cooperation (Top management, IT & IIS, Production, Marketing, and Procurement)
  • How can the resilience for the future be improved at all the levels for the standpoint of each department
  • Zoom at the finance department to report to the board on that level (operational, tactical, strategic)
  • In view of the current conditions on the insurance market, what alternative modes of risk financing could the company consider
  • Considering the overall impact of the Covid-19 on the economic and social context, and the increasing importance of RSE and reputation, how can the risk manager improve his position in the company regarding strategy and reputation
  • How the shift to a Public Company it might influence the risk management strategy and overall strategy of the group.


This workshop had lasted three weeks, with videomeetings at each time of day, as the membership of the working groups was located internationally.

Giovanni was very proud of the group work and its Tutor, he has had a real pleasure in working together in a so high skilled multinational team…. His Special Thanks goes to Katalin, Lourdes, Tasleema, Morten, Roland and to Marisa who had constantly inspired all the Team.


This achievement has confirmed Gavio Global Risk Solutions is made of top managers with international background and an expertise constantly updated.

Thanks to Giovanni and our colleagues, Gavio Global Risk Solutions can offer a very wide range of services, spanning from strategic consultancy to operational assistance.

We offer advanced, integrated solutions to face modern challenges with cutting-edge know-how and tools.


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