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PCA and Brokerslink: Together for Challenging Innovation

2019 Brokerslink Conference - PCA Consultative Broker
2019 Brokerslink Conference - PCA Consultative Broker

Experiencing the Brokerslink annual conference – PCA, Italy

Each year the annual conference is an opportunity for our partners and affiliates to meet insurance and risk management experts from across the world.

Giovanni Roncaglia, Global Business, Reinsurance & Public Entities Manager at PCA S.p.A has attended many previous conferences, here he shares his experiences and expectations;

What has been your experience of past conferences?

“I have wonderful memories of all the past conferences organized by Brokerslink, I enjoyed all the different spectacular events both in terms of content, speakers and attendees. Also in terms of venues, like the one in Marrakech and its dreamy scenery recalling “One Thousand and One Nights”, unforgettable.”

What are you expecting from this year’s conference?

“I arrive with the aim and hope of creating greater cohesion and union within our important network, both at the corporate level and, more importantly, at personal level. I will have the chance to meet people who unfortunately I can’t meet very often during the year and this will surely be an enrichment that will bring value to everyone within Brokerslink.”

What are you most looking forward to on this year’s program?

“Seeing this year’s program, I look forward to participating in the session on Insurance 4.0. It will be an excellent opportunity to discover this new phase of the insurance sector that so interests us. Because only those who know and are aware of changes, can face them in the right way.”



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