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Develop the partnership with MDS BRAZIL

Develop the partnership with MDS Brazil - PCA Consultative Broker
Develop the partnership with MDS Brazil - PCA Consultative Broker

In 2016 PCA entered the Brazilian market, rapidly expanding its presence and activity from the main hub of San Paolo towards the strongest trend lines of the country. But the PCA activity in Brazil is not only linked to highways (i.e.: Ecorodovias), because PCA has successfully demonstrated the diversification of the business on multiple product sectors, such as renewable energy, construction and logistics.

From this point of view, PCA’s “secret of success” is to have formulated a mix of integrated and highly strategic services, from traditional insurance brokerage to highly innovative services – such as the benefit program for companies, Risk Consulting activities (through the partner company Augustas Risk Consulting, under the brand of Gavio Global Risk Solutions) and highly personalized services to meet the demands of each company.

The link with Brazil is becoming stronger and stronger – as the recent visit from the top management of MDS Group in Milan has confirmed. For three days, from January 20th to January 22nd, PCA has hosted Ariel Couto, CEO MDS Brazil, Samuel Martins, Global Business Executive MDS Brazil and Jorge Luzzi, Executive President RCG in a “full immersion” both in the PCA headquarters in Tortona and Milan.

During these three days of events, strategies, innovation and new opportunities for international collaborations were discussed.

Augustas Risk Services and PCA Consultative Broker presented to MDS the new reality Gavio Global Risk Solutions aimed at developing common strategies at international level with the support of innovative IT solutions.

There is a strong understanding with MDS as its focus on innovative tools and solutions to ensure customers get the best service in risk and insurance programme management has met with PCA’s and Augustas’ wide set of higher-value services.

The multifaceted and strategic offer for MDS of Gavio Global Risk Solutions is the starting point of an all-out partnership across two continents.

With expertise in every area of insurance we design and implement strategic insurance solutions on a global scale. 

This constructive and pleasant experience ended with a fascinating visit to the most important Milanese attraction: the Milan Cathedral.

PCA shares with our Clients and Partners innovation in the field of Insurance and Reinsurance brokerage as a strategic resource on the world: we are also at your disposal to get an evaluation of the profile risk of your company – here: Contacts

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