Work is ongoing on the Surety Alliance Annual Meeting

Work is ongoing on the Surety Alliance Annual Meeting

roberto armana

Work is ongoing on the Surety Alliance Annual Meeting that this year takes place in Italy and has been hosted by PCA BROKER.
Steve Raffuel, President of the International Network, has welcomed the guests from all over the world, introducing the work day.

The different speeches and expertise shared from the guests who have joined this event from all over the world have focuses on the impact of geopolitical scenarios on the Surety world: William Reidinger (US; Illinois), David Hoover (Florida), John Claeys (Alaska), Michael Lischer (Colorado) and Lynne Cook (Maryland), Gregory Petrela (Canada), Carlos Pliego (Mexico), Alfons-Maria Gracher (Germany) and Roberto Armana, CEO of PCA BROKER, as the representative for Italy.

Among them, Carlos Pliego has presented the case of Correcol, a Colombian company, in relation to directed suretyship and administration of risks in contracting large contractors program. Via video conference from Johannesburg, Wenher Ferreira (Cinque Funding Olutions, Pty), has framed the Surety world inside different sectors, like Construction, Logistics, Fuel, Education, with a special insight on relations with Africa.

Guest of honor in the morning has been Sean McGroarty, Global Head of Bonding, Euler Hermes, accompanied by Federico Spinelli, Head of Commercial Underwriting Bonding; Mr. McGroarty has presented the set of strategies, ideas and opportunities from Euler Hermes.

After a short break, in the afternoon work has been resumed with the speeches of Alfons Gracher, William Reidinger and Lynne Cook and then the focus shifted to the analysis of success stories, among which Roberto Armana, CEO of PCA BROKER, has showed a strategic Surety operation carried out by PCA BROKER in Italy and, above all, abroad.

Work will be completed in the late afternoon with the speech of Zurich Insurance Plc, an important partner for Surety Alliance.

The guests will then experience a very special taste of the best Italian food and wine, inside a luxury restaurant in the Langhe region.

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