The 2018 Surety Alliance Annual Meeting in Italy: completed, with PCA Broker

The 2018 Surety Alliance Annual Meeting in Italy: completed, with PCA Broker

The work of the Surety Alliance Annual Meeting continued throughout May 18th. The focus will always be on insurance surety, whereas the Italian market has quickly grown up to become the major market in Europe. It’s proof of insurance surety’s increasing spread as an accord tool for companies.

During the first day of work, Steve Raffuel, President of the International Network, had opened the Meeting with the welcome speech and, following the discussion of international success cases from the Surety world, in the second day of work there have been the greetings of Zurich Italia, partner of Surety Alliance; Michele Burgherr, Head of Specialties and Property Lines, Rocco Tosi, Head of Large and International Surety, and Stefano Costanzo , Senior Underwriter Cauzioni.

In this way, the members of the Meeting have talked and shared a network of information, contacts and projects about insurance surety from all over the world.

The Meeting has been completed on May 20th with the Social Program: the members attended a guided tour to the “Museo del Vino di Barolo” (the prestigious Wine Museum located in the well-known historical town of Barolo). Then they had lunch and visit at the “Antiche Cantine dei Marchesi di Barolo” (Ancient Cellars of the Marquis of Barolo). This was the perfect way to show and share with the guests one of the most relevant and impressive old treasures of the Italian cultural identity and economic development too.

Dopo il ringraziamento a PCA BROKER per aver organizzato il Meeting del 2018, anche come uno dei principali player italiani del mercato Surety, il Presidente di Surety Alliance, Steve Raffuel, ha dato appuntamento a tutti nel 2019 a Miami.

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