PCA: a view on the world

PCA: a view on the world

Maranzana - PCA Consultative Broker

The international propensity is one of the distinctive features of PCA SpA that reflects the international need for projection of companies, today a fundamental strategic element. The hyper-local or territorial level is no longer enough in front of a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic world, with rapid demographic changes and deep economic uncertainty. In this scenario, where different regions of the world become closer and closer, the entry of companies in new contexts and markets is not only necessary because of the general ultra-competitive situation. It is also an advantage, because that brings benefits in form of new markets, new skills and new business opportunities.

But it is also a risk, especially in the early stages. There is a whole series of unknowns to solve, to calculate, to predict and to know how to deal with, manage and minimize. Here the risk is not only the unexpected but also the political, economic and legislative conditions – all vital factors for the success of a company’s entry into a foreign market, which is not just a market of workers, goods, services and capital, but it is also a social fabric, a political system, a cultural world.

For this PCA, with 30 years of history in innovation and assistance dedicated to customer service, it is ready to assist associated companies that plan to open up to new international markets.

Our International Account Executive Alessandro Maranzana speaks about the topic in this video:

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