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PCA is an Italian and international broker offering advisory services on risk management, which has been operative since 1988 in the fields of insurance and reinsurance.

sustainably, Pca Broker assicurazioni e risk management Gruppo Gavio

PCA is affiliated with Brokerslink, a prestigious network which combines three essential elements: global service, regional culture and local experience.

Its objective is building important partnerships at global level, providing services and solutions for the international needs of its Clients anywhere in the world.

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With 60 employees, 5 offices in Italy and about EUR 100 million of premiums received, PCA is among the top ten companies in the latest ASEFIBrokers ranking.

PCA focuses exclusively to the Corporate and Large Corporate sectors, with clients in many business areas.

sustainably, Pca Broker assicurazioni e risk management Gruppo Gavio

Going Global Sustainably

In PCA we consider sustainability a competitive advantage: reduced environmental impact, respect for the rights of workers and transparent governance.

Main data in Italy


Millions of Euro of premiums




in the Italian ranking of 2017*



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* ASEFI Brokers 2017 data

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We provide advisory services on risk management in all business sectors with our dedicated Teams

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